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Here’s what others have to say about their stay in BC’s backcountry lodges.

 “We guessed that the lodge would have great views but we had no idea how comfortable it would be. Amazing food, cozy duvets and a sauna – who knew!”
- Wilkins family, Ontario


“Lines you dream about, good company and awesome food … need I say more? This is my fourth BLBCA lodge and yet again, it delivered to be one of the top vacations of my life!”
- James, 35, Vancouver


“Our guide was so patient with us, going over avalanche safety skills and picking out the best ski and snowshoe routes for us. He managed our mix of skill levels so that no one was bored or nervous and always had a joke ready when any of us got tired.”
- Julie, 40, Seattle


“Thank you for my best holiday ever! My favorite part was making dandy-lion tea in the fort we built and seeing pikas and marmots. I liked their ‘eek’. My mom says she liked the flowers and the hot tub.”
- Tom, 8, Edmonton


Responsible Tourism in the Backcountry

As leaders in sustainability initiatives, Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association take responsible tourism seriously so that you can enjoy unspoilt wilderness in the years to come - and stay safe on your adventures.

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