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The Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association’s (BLBCA) members are comprised of a unique group of businesses. Despite being industry competitors, in 2004 nearly 30 independent backcountry lodge operators united to become BLBCA. The Association works together to drive progress in the backcountry industry, in the interest of continually enhancing the service their customers receive.

The following are some benefits for members of BLBCA:

  • A collective voice to discuss solutions to issues with the Government of British Columbia on various committees across multiple ministries.
  • Liability insurance for all members in good standing. The possibility of Association-wide property insurance is also being explored.
  • Joint marketing and advertising. With support from Tourism British Columbia (TBC), BLBCA has access to up to $100,000 in funds for joint marketing each year. 
  • A sense of community with people from the same industry. The strength of this community has seen substantial growth in the last two years.
  • A unified body = strength in numbers. (BLBCA has completed an independent study that outlines the Association’s identity and sector value. The findings from this study combined with the variety of members in BLBCA - from a small niche sector - provide a strong identity during key tourism industry discussions.)
  • Access to an annually updated Media Relations Plan in the event of an incident at your lodge.
  • Being connected to an association that is present in Victoria and at key industry meetings without having to attend yourself.

To join Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association or inquire into membership fees, please contact:

Brad Harrison
BLBCA Executive Director
tel: 250-819-9774

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